Muscle Mass

Muscle mass or hypertrophy as it is known in weight training circles, is the long arduous task of lifting weights over a period of time with the express intent to gain size.

All too often athletes or body builders spend hours in the gym sweating and toiling for little or no results.

Three components are necessary to gain mass.

1. A sound weight training programme designed for your body type (not your friends or your lifting partner at the gym).
2. Proper nutritional guidance that will promote growth whilst maintaining good health.
3. Rest. That’s right rest. You get bigger during rest time, not when you are at the gym.

Ramsden Training can provide you with the professional guidance you need to get big so that you can spend less time at the gym and enjoy life showing off your new gains.

Check out these testimonials for first hand accounts.

Dumbbell curl-discipline with good technique

Squatting for power application

Strength Endurance
Strength endurance is a key component of many sports and activities. Training for endurance strength is not the same as training for mass or speed.

Load parameters, rest time, the speed at which you perform the exercises must all be taken into consideration. Nutrition for distance sports is different than that for gaining mass.

Dumbbell press-good
technique is enforced
Wide grip pull up
Timing him for strength endurance

Explosive Power
As an athlete you will want to get the maximum benefit from your training programme. Learn to develop explosive power incorporating proven methods of complex training to your workout routine. Let us show you how to combine power training and plyometrics in the same workout to develop exceptional speed-strength. This is what will separate you from the also-rans.

Weight Training Injuries
Weight training injuries can develop into a very serious chronic problem if not dealt with in a timely manner. This applies to athletes and anyone involved in resistance training. This topic is specialised and beyond the scope of this site. See link for more information on weight training injuries.

Weight Loss
If you just want to lose a few pounds to “cut” down for your event or if you are seriously overweight, we will provide a personalised nutrition plan.
Billions of dollars are spent each year on the latest fad products. Many of these diets will sacrifice muscle mass. Many of the aids will sacrifice performance or health. Don’t fall victim to mass media hype.

We will show you how to drop those pounds and keep them off by changing the way you eat and stimulating your metabolism.

Demonstrating plyometrics of superman push
Russian twist-core stabilization

Superman push-core stabilization
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